Middle School Debate Camp

July 31 – August 2
8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Prosper High School

*Cost: $90

High school debate offers students the opportunity to compete in a platform that develops a student’s advocacy skills, public speaking ability, and fosters critical thinking on socially significant topics.

Students who attend the Prosper Debate Camp will focus on two distinct forms of debate which will be taught by current Prosper High School debaters:

Policy Debate: This event is perfect for future attorneys. Policy debate is a partner event in which students argue for or against enacting a particular law. Campers can expect to learn the fundamentals of how to engage with public policy.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: This event is ideal for students who like to think outside of the box. Lincoln-Douglas debate is a one-on-one debate in which students debate competing value positions in relation to various contemporary moral issues. Campers can expect to learn how important ideas can frame our understanding of issues, as well as develop a deeper understanding of social justice.

Prosper High School has established a tradition of excellence in speech and debate and this year we are connecting our award winning team with our up and coming future debaters.

If your child attended last year’s camp, they will be learning more advanced skills and techniques.

Please email Kristy Antonakakis at antonakakiskristy@gmail.com  with any questions or concerns.

* Camp T-shirt, supplies, and snacks are included. Payment is accepted by check or PayPal. The mailing address for checks and the PayPal link will be provided after completing the registration page.

Register for camp now 

Deadline to sign up is July 15.

Please note: There are 3 forms – registration, liability, and payment – that must be filled out for your child to be registered.